Dakota L. Jackson

Unity and Social Quality Initiative -> BU Student government (Full story soon)

The Unity and Social Quality initiative was a political platform I created, which ran for the Boston University Student Government in 2022-2023.

My goal was to improve the social quality of life and opportunities for mental health as I had firmly believed both are linked. I was tired of seeing the run-of-the-mill advice and wanted to combat the actual roots of some of the problems for students navigating post covid. Also being an african american and athlete, I had a highly unique angle on the different stimulus that was affecting me.


One that I attempted to communicate with my partners Kwasi Antwi and Axesumawe Asemelash. Totaling over 900 votes after only being revealed to the public in a matter of a few days, this was the first time in my life I had learned I had the ability to impact people who I hadn’t even met.