Dakota L. Jackson


Pocket Oasis

Pocket Oasis is born from the same innovative spirit that powered our previous project, redlight.link. It is more than just a web application; it’s a powerful AI-driven companion designed to guide and support you on your mental health and life’s journey. Think of it as a chatbot, but one with a profound purpose – to help you reflect deeply on your insights and struggles.

Pocket Oasis logo, AI startup

Unity and Social Quality Initiative

The Unity and Social Quality initiative was a political platform I created, which ran for the Boston University Student Government in 2022-2023. Totaling over 900 votes after only being revealed to the public in a matter of a few days, this was the first time in my life I had learned I had the ability to impact people who I hadn’t even met.


Another avenue of my life where I can make a large impact on lives is my TikTok page. This page has evolved into once again another form of me. With over fifteen thousand followers and one million likes, I enjoy creating training-related content which helped me improve my speed and athleticism. As well as philosophy, quotes, and insights from my life that connect my athletic and philosophical experiences.

Task Force on Black Students

  • Collaborating with another student committee called Impact; this multi-year-long 40 person task force has been created to help understand Black students’ needs and figure out what can be done to improve the black student experience, and hopefully provide a physical space and consistent staff for Black students for the rest of Boston U’s existence.


RedLight.link is a revolutionary one-button press emergency alert system designed to transform the way we respond to critical situations. With the power of simplicity at its core, it’s much more than just a call for help – it’s a comprehensive safety solution. 


We believe that the college experience is about more than just the four walls of your dorm room; it’s about the laughter, the camaraderie, and the unforgettable moments that happen within those walls. That’s why we’ve infused a healthy dose of humor into our dorm reviews. Our platform encourages students to unleash their inner comedians as they share their thoughts and experiences about their dormitories.

Light Library

Light Library is a collection of my thoughts, aspirations, and overall I’ve experiences I’ve endured throughout my life. There are a lot of ideas I like to ponder. So I developed a more intuitive way to communicate them to the world. Here I’m able to connect the dots between different sources, my beliefs, and the effects that rule society.