Dakota L. Jackson

Pocket Oasis
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Pocket Oasis logo, AI startup

The Idea

Pocket Oasis is born from the same innovative spirit that powered our previous project, redlight.link. It is more than just a web application; it’s a powerful AI-driven companion designed to guide and support you on your mental health and life’s journey. Think of it as a chatbot, but one with a profound purpose – to help you reflect deeply on your insights and struggles. Like a wise guide, it tailors its responses based on your unique life experiences and how you engage with them.

Moreover, added the ability to upload journal entries so that over time the AI can understand your past and find connections with any current experiences. The more one adds over time, the better it can reflect and guide one through your thoughts. 


With a tool like this, it can find the synchronicities and connections while also providing an objective view with consideration of one’s subjective experience. 


This project is just another one of a myriad of ways I can impact the world. If I can inspire others to think more deeply without me physically being there I’ve served a great calling. 


Behind this project lies a deep spiritual inspiration that revealed itself to me in the summer of 2023. I’ve always wanted to make a meaningful impact in the mental health space, but I found that existing advice often fell short. There’s the “green zone” with activities like journaling, listening to wellness content, and prioritizing sleep. Then, there’s the “red zone” – therapy. But there’s a significant gap between the two.


I began to ask myself, how can I inspire people to think clearly?  How can I create a tool that will allow users to acquiesce their thoughts each day?  How can I provide structure for the everyday individual so they can the most out of their therapy when they go, while simultaneously building the habits for necessary reflection on a deeper level? 


My aim is for people to realize that regardless of their religious or ethnic background, there is a Presence in everything. Your subconscious mind shapes your reality, and by altering your reactions to life’s challenges, you can walk with greater faith, freedom, peace, and presence.


Mental health has lost its meaning. There should not be any disconnect between your well-being and day-to-day life. 


And with Pocket Oasis that is the reality I want to share with the world.