Dakota L. Jackson

Get to know me


I am a student-athlete at Boston University, pursuing studies in Philosophy and Business. In the intricate tapestry of my mind, a fusion of passions exists, including philosophy, meditations, athletics, self-improvement, and cutting-edge AI tools. As you delve deeper, you’ll discover the beautifully woven connections that bind them and all aspects of my life together. Coming of age as an African American in Oklahoma and later Texas, I’ve navigated multiple facets of identity.

Supporting Subheading


  • Web development 

            (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, Langchain, Prompt Engineering ) 

  • Visual Media

            (Adobe Creative Cloud, Capcut, Canva) 

  • Social Media Management/ Marketing

              (Tik tok/ Speed.kota   15k+ followers, 1million likes)

             Posted over 100+ videos of original content 


                 Created over 40+ Videos and meeting weekly to promote the values of the App & Company



  • Campaign Management/Marketing

             (Unity and Social Quality Initiative) 

          –   Amassed almost 1000+ votes within 3 days of public announcement

          – Garnered the biggest election turnout since 2016  

  •   Athletics 

           (Sprinter, SAOC Events) 





  • Boston University 

        (2020- Present) 

       Majoring in Philosophy, Minoring in Business. 

  • Allen Highschool


           3.8 GPA, 

          Debate team, 

          Track and field  

          District Champions (2018) Area Champions (2019)

          National Qualifier (2018-2020) 

        Texas A&M Invite Champion (2020)