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Write down your goals, Deactivate Social Media, Sit with your thoughts.

The Wanderer Casper David (Frederick Nietzsche)

Solitude, but not in the comforting way.

The way that cuts you off from nearly all outside communication.

The way that cuts you off from all short-term pleasures.

Solitude forces you to look at yourself, harshly and truthfully.

It separates you from all attachments you may have, the kinds of attachments that have a gripping effect on your life, distracting you from your purpose or calling.

In solitude, you must write your goals and why you want to achieve them. Otherwise, when you are alone with your thoughts, you’ll begin to try and distract yourself or fall victim to them again.

You must learn to tussle with them and understand that they are only thoughts.

Only your goals and your purpose can be willed into this world. They have more control than your fleeting thoughts.

The first time I did a little retreat was at the beginning of COVID. I deactivated all my social media and decided to study things about the ego and how it can run rampant in our lives. It was a sort of rest that I had journaled. That’s also where I had first begun meditation, another experience that forces one to sit with their thoughts.

If you ever feel stuck in a rut or a mess, just deactivate your media, write down your goals, and sit with your thoughts for a few days.

I assure you, all of your existential baggage will come gushing out like a clogged sewer. Then… Clarity!

“The longest journey is the one inward” – Dag Hammarskjold”

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