Dakota L. Jackson

What is light Library?

Light Library is a collection of my thoughts, aspirations, and overall developments I’ve experienced. There are a lot of things I like to think about and ponder and I wanted to find an easier way to communicate them to the world. I wanted the freedom to write and put my thoughts out there in a way that could be understandable to others young or old.

There is so much to uncover in this life, so many who are “waiting for their new beginning”; Though it’s not my goal I gain so much happiness just by being able to express this knowledge, and that inspires others to think deeply.

I like blending and understanding Eastern and Western philosophy, and some religions, however, this won’t just be Philosophy, it could be relationships, it could be about what I ate for lunch. The point I believe is a fundamental way of understanding everything. And if you can do so broadly it can benefit every aspect of your life.

Though it may sound “wise” These are thoughts, theories, and insights. There never is a right or wrong way I urge you to take what may be valuable and remove what is not.

Let go of everything, embrace your truth, and maybe you can join me on the way.

– Your friend Kota

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