Dakota L. Jackson

Alchemize your flaws

Art by Takehiko Inoue Vagabond

Alchemize your flaws 

For me, it was taming my perfectionist tendencies to where I could still be productive instead of shutting myself down before I even tried 

For some people, they may sleep too much 

Or an obsession with being unreasonably clean

This is what I mean by alchemizing your flaws 

Find the balance instead of feeling guilty for who you are 

If you have true intentions then you can find this balance 

If you do not then there is no balance 

If you make constant excuses then you have no balance 

If you recognize your flaws but know they come from a place that is good then you can find balance 

Your choices shouldn’t come from laziness, fear, insecurity, and ego. You’re not going to find your life answers outside they will come from within

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