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I am a student-athlete at Boston University, pursuing studies in Philosophy and Business. In the intricate tapestry of my mind, a fusion of passions exists, including philosophy, meditations, athletics, self-improvement, and cutting-edge AI tools. As you delve deeper, you’ll discover the beautifully woven connections that bind them and all aspects of my life together. Coming of age as an African American in Oklahoma and later Texas, I’ve navigated multiple facets of identity.


My Passions

Philosophy: Mapping the Frontiers of Thought

Philosophy isn’t just an abstract pursuit. It’s a journey into the heart of existence. From ancient riddles to complex dilemmas I’ve grown to understand how to approach complex questions that govern our world—a systems thinking approach. 

“If the world is really a network or networks within networks then in order to understand it we have to learn how to think in terms of networks.” – Frijolt Capra 

Philosophy taught me how to live and create solutions for the world that consider the whole. 

Meditations: Serenity Unveiled

Amidst this world of distractions, I find solace in the art of meditation. I picked it up initially in 2020. However I didn’t truly realize the power of presence until 2023.  

Meditation is just a doorway to presence akin to prayer and many other practices.  Through contemplative practices, I’ve been able to gain focus on everything.  Being able to think clearly is an underappreciated skill in a world that likes to throw us far into the future and force us to dwell on our past.

In my life, meditation exemplifies how skill is not isolated. In other words, the more presence I cultivate, the more I recognize its intrinsic value in all aspects of life.

AI Tools: Crafting tomorrow’s possibilities

When OpenAI’s ChatGPT 3.5 began to gain traction, I was utterly fascinated by the possibility of tools that could automate tasks and communicate seamlessly with the average user. I immediately started applying these tools to my own projects and thoughts.

For the first time in my life, I had found something that could help organize my thoughts, allowing me to revisit and connect themes in meaningful ways – a form of synchronicity devoid of distraction or bias. Discovering that different areas of my life and thoughts were interconnected allowed me to more readily and efficiently pursue my purpose. What I often struggle with isn’t the ideas themselves, but rather their connection and execution.

The domains of reason, mathematics, and computer science rely on imperfect languages to communicate discoveries and solutions. Clarifying them is crucial for effective communication with the world. In my life, AI tools have played a significant role in achieving this clarity, and I’m eager to share their value more effectively with others in the time to come.


My Story - Peak Performance Blueprint

I grew up playing basketball and football for most of my life. The common dream of wanting to play in the NBA was ingrained in my head from a young age. Where I lacked in size, in strength I made up in my heart (and a little bit of speed). I was the one running after every ball, sizing up every defender, and getting every steal. 

Outside shooting on my basketball goal You-tubing drills at 10 p.m. on a school night, yeah I was That guy

Despite this, I knew I was faster than most people. I was afraid of track becoming my main sport I came to practice and try out and did not want to be on varsity because I couldn’t accept the fact that this was something I was naturally good at. 

It wasn’t until my freshman year of high school when I’d torn my labrum ending my season and being put on crutches for 3 months, that I realized how good I had it. 

Coming off this injury I had to move to what’d be a “bloodbath” of athletic competition. Texas. The home of American football, the state where all the “average” kid was already twice your size. A place where athletic stadiums are bigger than most college stadiums. They weren’t lying when they said Everything is bigger in Texas. 

Even with this adjustment, it did not phase me, at all, if anything it invigorated me. I grew up watching Dragon Ball and Goku was notorious for seeking out the strongest opponents. And I assume my kid brain picked up on this, so within my high school career I went from being on crutches to making varsity my sophomore year in a big division school and was ranked number #6 Nationally in one of my events. I was nationally known and it was a wonderful feeling knowing that would not have happened if I was not pushed to believe I could do it by my family and coaches. 

There are many other things I could go into however, what I want to get across, is the importance of the faith I had in my life. It has built me and continues to forge me as a young man. It has shown me I can conquer anything when the different hemispheres of experience are aligned. A physical representation of odds against my favor, I only had a 2% chance, and a .001% chance of being nationally ranked. However, that did not stop me nor did I care…

Featured Projects

Pocket Oasis logo, AI startup

Pocket Oasis

Pocket Oasis is born from the same innovative spirit that powered our previous project, redlight.link. It is more than just a web application; it’s a powerful AI-driven companion designed to guide and support you on your mental health and life’s journey.


My TikTok page has become another platform for me to make a significant impact on people’s lives. With over 15,000 followers and one million likes, I create content focused on training, enhancing my speed and athleticism, and sharing philosophical insights that connect my athletic and philosophical experiences.


The Unity and Social Quality initiative was a political platform I created, which ran for the Boston University Student Government in 2022-2023. My goal was to improve the social quality of life and opportunities for mental health as I had firmly believed both are linked.


“Tired of consuming - I want to read, create things, and think”

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